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Our portfolio

We are not intimidated by unconventional ideas. Our past projects involved social networking, geolocation, booking software, assisted typing and more. Here are some examples:

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How much does it cost?

The real answer to this question is: it depends. Please contact us and we're happy to give you a definite quote free of charge. Just for reference, here are some common scenarios:


This is the option if you want to experiment and try a new idea.
Minimum viable product
iOS & Android or Web
Basic UI/UX design and art
Single language version
Basic functionality
Simple API integrations
App Store & Google Play launch
Execution time between 1 and 2 months
Price estimate based on our developer/hour rate
£5 000 — £8 000


Industry standard application, ideal if you know what to build.
Industry Standard
Includes all Basic features
Advanced functionality
Strategic research and analysis
Standard design and art
Multiple API integrations
Administrative interface
Execution time between 2 and 3 months
Price estimate based on our developer/hour rate
£8 000 — £15 000


For those going above and beyond expectations.
Includes all Standard features
Premium quality
Multiple languages
Custom design and art
Advanced custom animations
Extensive development iterations
Execution time between 2 and 6 months
Price estimate based on our developer/hour rate
£15 000 +

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