Case study: Simple PT
Victor Gimael
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The Challenge

When the client came to us, they were looking to build a platform to facilitate the relationship between personal trainers and their clients. Personal trainers spend a great deal of their time just managing their client's schedules and payments - the goal was to solve these problems.

The client had a few requirements: the app had to be simple, intuitive and the project developed on a tight budget. The top priority is having the best user experience while keeping the app affordable.

We identified some key needs that would need to be addressed: most importantly, the ability to easily repeat personal trainer schedules, but at the same time allow for easy customisation and flexibility. Personal trainers also needed to be able to manage their client's invoices and bookings on their behalf.


Since budget was a concern, in our initial meetings it became clear we should plan the development of this app in a few different stages: the initial one being an MVP to test the concept, then adding functionalities and paid features in future iterations to generate revenues.

Building the app in small steps and iterating on them allows us to test hypothesis and identify true customer demands without commiting to large development projects, keeping the costs down and enabling faster product exploration.

The Solution

During the course of two months we worked closely with our client, sending test versions and iterating for feedback. The result is a complete booking and e-wallet platform with custom interfaces for personal trainers and their clients to fit specific user needs. The outcome is a much easier way to manage your personal trainer appointments!


When discussing the payment solution we considered many ideas: in-app payments, card payments, PayPal, etc... The client opted for a virtual wallet system using bank transfers to cut costs and make the MVP simpler - it works wonders and there are no fees to payment processors.

Simple PT demo 1

Personal Trainer Settings

The most important feature for personal trainers is the ability to easily set and customise their schedule. To achieve this, we created a complete scheduling interface from scratch. The interface allows for the entire weekly view, gives the option to repeat the current settings and also allows custom setting of schedule at any time. It's such an ease!

Simple PT demo 2

Simple Bookings

For the clients the app is even simpler: all they need to do is top up their virtual wallet, then check the schedule and book! Their personal trainers then gets notified and the transaction processed from their wallet. Such a breeze!

Simple PT demo 3

The Technology

The tech chosen was our speciality, enabling fast development of performant user interfaces and a reliable infrastructure. Simple PT is now available for both iOS and Android:

Simple PT technologies

And that's how Simple PT was made!

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