Meet the team!
Vivian Rothberg
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Meet the team

CodeLeap, a fully remote company with a global team of tech talent, is all about fostering unity and innovation. While the leadership team resides in London, our 26-strong team, comprising designers, developers, data scientists, project managers, and QA testers, spans the globe.

Each year, we break away from our screens for a week of team building and collaboration in person. This tradition strengthens bonds and fuels innovation, driving us towards collective success.

Our team is driven by a shared passion for tech, from building robots in our spare time to engaging in friendly video game battles. We're a tight-knit group who thrive on pushing boundaries.

In 2024, our retreat took us to Brazil for a week of thrilling activities. We enjoyed friendly swimming competitions by day and sizzling barbecues by night, bonding over shared interests and ambitions for the future of our growing company. We know our CodeLeap’s journey is just beginning, and we have the best people onboard this mission with us.

Meet Kenzo, for example, the vibrant soul and Engineering Team Lead at CodeLeap. Born to Japanese immigrants, Kenzo embodies a delightful blend of nerdiness and charm. Beneath his effortlessly cool exterior lies a true geek at heart, who finds joy in tinkering with gadgets and delving into the latest tech trends. With his infectious laughter and boundless energy, Kenzo brings a sense of fun and camaraderie to the team, whether he's cracking jokes or leading brainstorming sessions with his trademark enthusiasm. When he's not busy crafting innovative solutions, you can find Kenzo exploring new video games, perfecting his sushi-making skills, or rocking out at karaoke nights with his eclectic song choices. A true tech wizard with a dash of charisma, Kenzo is the epitome of CodeLeap's vibrant culture.

Now, meet our Project Manager Vinny. With his polished appearance and air of discipline, Vinny might seem like your typical professional, but don't let that fool you. Beneath his composed exterior lies a mischievous sense of humour that never fails to lighten the mood and bring a smile to everyone's face. When he's not meticulously managing projects, you can find Vinny strumming away on his acoustic guitar, serenading the team with his soulful tunes, or attempting (with varying degrees of success) to master the art of skateboarding. Whether he's cracking jokes during meetings or leading impromptu jam sessions, Vinny's infectious energy and playful spirit make him an indispensable part of the CodeLeap family.

As we bid farewell to another unforgettable retreat, we look forward to future adventures and to welcoming new incredible team members into this journey. With each passing year, our team grows stronger. Here's to many more trips filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities as we continue pushing the boundaries of innovation together.

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