UI/UX Designer (remote | Brazil)
About CodeLeap
CodeLeap helps ambitious organisations and entrepreneurs invent, build and scale software products. We currently do it in domains as diverse as education or med-tech. Most of our projects start from scratch - an empty .js file or a whiteboard - and it is up to the creativity and technical talent of our team to come up with a great solution.
We believe in maximising the freedom of our team members. This means not only location independence and flexible hours, but also freedom to take ownership of projects, and to organise your work in a way that best supports your strengths. Besides freedom, we also believe in taking responsibility. All of us care deeply about building products that exceed the expectations of our clients and their users, and we are not afraid of working hard when it matters.
CodeLeap is not only a team of people with a passion for technology, we are proper geeks. As soon as we received our first client payment, we did the most reasonable thing we could think of: we got an Oculus. Outside of work, each of us enjoys being creative and curious - building software tools, DIY robots, playing musical instruments or weird video games.
If this sounds like the team you’d like to join, reach out! We are still a young business, and you could play a very meaningful role in shaping our future. Let’s build the best software company in the world together!
Role description
We're looking for an awesome designer to build beautiful products. Our main requirement is really simple: to make great and beautiful stuff. Your role will be to design the user experience and interface of a range of client products. You will have a lot of freedom to make decisions and a lot of responsibiliy leading the projects' branding and visual identities.
  • Effective learner - you are capable of quickly gaining a sufficient understanding of the specialised contexts and constraints of each project and its domain.
  • User empathy - you listen deeply and always thoughtfully consider the point of view of our client and their users.
  • Capable of taking ownership of projects - once we agree on a high level goal, we expect you to be reasonable and thoughtful in creating the right solution.
  • Excellent understanding of web and mobile UI - you care about delivering work that not only looks pleasing, but is also user-friendly and accessible on each target platform.
  • Designing custom art - you have an ability to make a software product feel special and unique. We often need to make our client's branding from zero, including illustrations and graphics.
  • Competence with common design tools - we use Figma, some of our clients may prefer other projects. You should be open to using some different resources.
  • Good written English - as our designer, it is especially important that you have good English communication skills. We expect you to at least be comfortable with written, and undestand basic spoken English.
Bonus points
  • Development experience - we don't expect you to be a frontend developer, but some knowledge or experience always helps communication.
  • Animation/video experience - are you capable of making short videos and animated content? That's even better.
We offer
  • Location independence - while CodeLeap was started in London, modern technology enables fully remote work.
  • Responsibility and freedom - you won’t be asked to put cover sheets on TPS reports. Read about our values here.
  • Massive growth potential - wanna join a young and ambitious team and really make an impact? We're looking for people for the long run. And lucky you, we're just getting started.
Most of our clients are UK/EU based, so we prefer if your usual working hours overlap with European time zones.
Our team members are located mostly in Brazil and Central Europe, and our salaries are targeted towards being highly competitive in these locations. We work on a contract basis.
We all work remotely so you must be happy about having some remote friends! :)
How to apply
We are not interested in working with outsourcing or recruiting agencies. Please contact us only if you are applying for yourself.
To apply, email apply@codeleap.co.uk. Include your CV, relevant examples of your past work, ideal starting date and anything else you’d like us to know. Please feel free to email should you have any questions, looking forward to hearing from you!
+44 (0) 333 050 9420
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