Sales Partner (commission based)

About CodeLeap

CodeLeap helps ambitious organisations and entrepreneurs invent, build and scale software products. We currently do it in domains as diverse as education or med-tech. Most of our projects start from scratch - an empty .js file or a whiteboard - and it is up to the creativity and technical talent of our team to come up with a great solution.

We believe in maximising the freedom of our team members. This means not only location independence and flexible hours, but also freedom to take ownership of projects, and to organise your work in a way that best supports your strengths. Besides freedom, we also believe in taking responsibility. All of us care deeply about building products that exceed the expectations of our clients and their users, and we are not afraid of working hard when it matters.

When we hire people, we are not just looking for someone to do a project and go away. We are looking for people to stick around so they can only focus on making the best products with us.

If this sounds like the team you’d like to join, reach out! We are still a young business, and you could play a very meaningful role in shaping our future. Let’s build the best software company in the world together!

We offer

  • Competitive pay - we believe in fair compensation for great work and our ambition is to find and keep talented people for many years to come.

  • Location independence - while CodeLeap was started in London, modern technology enables fully remote work.

  • Responsibility and freedom - you won’t be asked to put cover sheets on TPS reports.

The role

We’re currently looking for someone passionate about software to join us to help with sales. You will have complete freedom to do whatever you need, at your own pace. You can even have another job and take on sales part time. We only care about results. And that’s why this role is solely commission based.

Your role will be to look and prospect clients, negotiate the product, help estimating development costs and ultimately closing the deal. You will work closely with everyone in the organisation to achieve said goals.

Why commission

As explained above, we’re a very young company and we couldn’t afford paying someone that wouldn’t bring results. Since finding a good sales person is very difficult, a good filter is to offer commission only compensation. If you’re good and you believe you can bring in new clients, you’ll get your fair share.

The compensation

We’re offering a 20% share of all sales revenues as your payment. Most of our projects are in the range of £10k to £50k and we’re looking to increase the average basket… the sky's the limit!

To give you an idea, if you close one £20k deal per month, that’s a £48k annual salary for you.

One £50k deal would give you £10,000 in one shot.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is passionate about technology and software

  • Has a basic understanding of software and business

  • Loves networking and going to events

  • Knows a large network of entrepreneurs/startup founders or investors

  • Sales experience is desirable but not required

How to apply

We are not interested in working with outsourcing or recruiting agencies. Please contact us only if you are applying for yourself.

To apply, email Include your CV, relevant examples of your past work, ideal starting date and anything else you’d like us to know.