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Our values

Kamil Ryszkowski

Kamil Ryszkowski

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Our values

At CodeLeap, we want to create an environment where talented and ambitious individuals can use their skills to effectively develop amazing tech products.

The list below contains the main values behind what it takes to be successful as part of our team.

1. Practical results over technical sophistication

We build what customers value. This means that we not only deliver a solution that solves a problem, we also make sure not to waste time or overcomplicate.

We care about efficiency and sophistication where they matter. If they don’t, we call that overengineering.

2. Freedom and responsibility over processes

We value freedom and the thing that comes with freedom: responsibility. We expect decisions and actions thus enabled to be reasonable and in the best interest of our team.

In order to facilitate freedom, we actively get rid of non-essential processes and bureaucracy.

3. Critical thinking over blind obedience

We seek truth and reason, and believe they hold precedence over rank or accreditation. We are proactive in calling out nonsense and stupidity in what we do and how we think.

All of us strive to make our team and each other successful, and we discuss challenging issues with diplomacy and empathy.

4. Leveraging strengths over mitigating weaknesses

Well-rounded too often means all around mediocre. We accept that some of us are better or worse at certain tasks than others and we allocate responsibilities accordingly.

We welcome nonconformists, rebels, misfits and the crazy ones if what they contribute greatly increases what our team is capable of.

5. Work hard when it matters

We take commitments to our customers and to each other seriously.

If special efforts are required to meet a deadline or quality standards, we do not hesitate to work as hard and as long as necessary. And afterwards, we make sure to plan better.


We are creating an environment where talented people can use their superpowers to help ambitious entrepreneurs create the future.

If you agree with our values and have a relevant superpower, consider applying for one of our roles listed on our Careers page.

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